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Virtual Reality and 3D Rendering

Visualizing Your New Home

Bohn Architecture & Design offers the latest technology for a variety of Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D renderings, as an extension to our already comprehensive architectural and interior design services. Our goal is to bring the design of your new home to life right before your eyes! 


Our visualization services include:


3D Renderings

3D Animations

Virtual Reality Visualization Rendering

Virtual Reality Visualization Animation


Virtual Reality Communication is quickly entering our business and personal social culture. Bohn is creatively using VR to communicate to our special clients the design of their projects in an immersive way, through rendered images and virtual reality tours.


Communication Efficiency 


The better we communicate our design ideas to our client, the easier it becomes to understand a project’s design concept. From the earliest stages of a project, we strive to communicate what the project will look like once it is competed. By offering  more than still graphics, plans and drawn elevations, VR and 3D visualization renderings and animations can inform our clients more easily and simply; while also bringing clarity and understanding to our design ideas. 


Design Efficiency:


The design process always involves changes and multiple design solutions. 

With VR and 3D renderings and animations, designs can be quickly tested, experimented on and presented to our clients. When these design choices become clear, we avoid miscommunication and reduce the design time and process.  


Process Efficiency:


The design process usually incorporates options and alternative solutions. 

Our VR and 3D renderings can effectively show our clients and contractors what the design options will look like. Our presentations generally start during the design development phase and extend to the bidding phase of the project.



Watch Now

At Home Personal Viewing of all Virtual Reality Presentations:


Bohn can provide and maintain “off-site” viewing of your VR presentations. You will be provided and set up with your own personal headset, associated drop-box, and phone-app system. We will be able to instantaneously update you during the design process with our latest and most updated presentation(s). This will allow you to minimize Bohn office meetings and keep the design process fluid and current. This system will store the VR presentations for your use, on demand. 


Additionally, Warren Bohn can “join” you at home at an arranged time for a virtual meeting. You can view and discuss the VR presentations at these virtual conferences

(at your viewing convenience). We will create your avatar and Warren will host the presentation with you remotely.


Experience and Samples:


Bohn has been creating and presenting successful, dynamic VR and 3D presentations for over 2 years. We would enjoy the opportunity to present to you the options and examples of our work and as always, we value and respect the privacy of our clients. 



*Fees vary based on project scale, scope, and client requests and needs.  

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