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Bohn Architecture and Design has been creating beautiful, award winning, high end residences and commercial projects for over 20 years. Principals Warren Bohn, Kelly Woodruff and our staff turn out superlative settings, which include private residences, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, public lobbies, offices, health clubs, salons and fashion showrooms for clients who are looking to communicate a distinctive message. What makes Bohn special is the way we understand the clients’ lifestyle and requirements. We then craft a design solution which satisfies the functional, aesthetic and economic needs of each client.


Each time we approach a project we bring not only our experience, but also a complete sense of design, function, form, materials, and space.  What makes a good design is the integrity between the forms of the solution, matched with the clients’ needs and desires. In architecture this is manifested through shapes and form, and the emotional connection one makes when traveling through the space. In interior design, through color, shape, patterns, texture, light and even comfort level. Our approach here at Bohn, creates solutions to our client’s needs in ways which ultimately satisfies on an emotional as well as a physical and aesthetic level.

Our team, lead by architect Warren Bohn and interior designer Kelly Woodruff, is distinguished by our unique design approach. Since joining forces in 1992 we have worked hard to stay at the forefront of  design and to be taste-makers with a wide array of flawless and inventive finished projects. We create a singular story of the clients’ lifestyle for each project. By tapping into what is referred to in-house as the “energetic blueprint” of a project with finely trained intuition and highly refined aesthetic, BOHN’s work is characterized by being fully aligned with the personal imprint of our clients.  Clients are astounded at how we use information from traditional sources, amplified by our access to sources of higher wisdom, as well as the historic, current and future relevance of each creation.

For us at BOHN, the client truly becomes an integral part of the design process because we consider each project a collaboration.  We also involve and consult with a highly skilled group of artisans and crafts people, lighting designers, engineers, custom product manufacturers and artists throughout the process. From planning and budgeting, through to the finished touches this collaboration ultimately makes for a highly individualized and successful space. Our philosophy of total design and complete involvement of the various players in the realization of a project makes for thoroughly integrated, well thought out spaces that fully address functional, aesthetic and economic needs.


Working as architects and interior designers, our team has completed homes for exclusive communities in New York City; The Hamptons, NY; Englewood, NJ; Deal, NJ; Miami, FL, and Palm Springs, CA among others.   Our unique design approach has also created such familiar and memorable spots as Metronome Restaurant, Isabella's, a landmark dining spot on Manhattan's Upper West Side, and Hulot's, New York City's first open-kitchen French Style bistro on the Upper West Side, the style of which has often been mimicked. For clients in the Seventh Avenue Garment Center, as well as fashion retail spaces, BOHN has translated the look and feel of the clothing lines offered into architecturally relevant presentations of the individuals firms' desired fashion image- from wild to traditional. As with our custom home designs, each lobby, gym, salon, showroom and office space is a reflection of the aesthetic and function needs of that particular project.


BOHN brings a new level of complete design, both architectural and interior, individualized service, and timely execution to each of our projects. Tailored, with dramatic flourishes: uncompromising with regard to detail and appropriateness: contemporary, but not outré.  At Bohn Architecture and Design we deliver environments that transform space into place.





 - Warren & Kelly

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